Your ________ is only as strong as your collaboration.

What is Keiidos?

Keiidos (k-eye-dose) is a side project of some filmmakers. We meet interesting people and felt like we would share some bits of our conversations with people like you rather than wait for the right project to come along.

Join our community—let us know what projects, content, problems, and experiences you are working on. If there are questions you would like us to address in our interviews or have suggestions on format, let us know by subscribing and emailing us below.


Our latest collaborator, Elise, treats time with a reverence that we seldom see.

Elise is a mixed-media artist. Her gorgeous and haunting creations are meticulously made, partly by cutting intricate geometric designs into paper with a utility knife.

It’s extremely time-intensive.

Which is exactly why she loves it. And exactly why she feels she's learned so much from it.

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Better collaboration = Better creation

Keiidos is for people who want to expand their resources and enhance their creations and experiences.

It’s meant for the content creators and experience makers like yourself.

So whether you are a teacher, an author, a manager, CEO, parent, or leader, Keiidos is for you. We will share how other people solve problems, their passions and insights, and what successful collaboration means to them.


We are new around here so let’s answer some questions.

What's the background of Keiidos?

We work for a media production company and run into fascinating people all the time. Over the last year, we realized we wanted to share these brilliant individuals with you, our dear subscribers and followers.

There is so much content in the world, but the best content comes from collaboration. The world is complex and beautiful, and you need the perspective of other experience creators like yourself to reach your audience.

Why do I want to subscribe to Keiidos?

Keiidos isn’t for everyone. It’s for people who are either content creators or experience makers who want to reach their audiences in authentic ways.

Ok, but who is a content creator? Who’s a experience maker?

Well, we think it’s you. Think about it. For most of your life, you are trying to reach someone—either now or in the future. We could mention a lot of roles like a teacher wanting to impact their student’s learning or an author trying to reach beyond the page to a person on a bus, or a manager working to bring a team together. Whatever the role, so much of it is about reaching beyond ourselves.

And to reach other people, you need other people. Keiidos is here to introduce you to new collaborators and ideas.

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