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Meet an Artist - Elise Wehle

Whether you’re doing it consciously or not, what you spend your time on is a huge indicator of both who you are, and what you value.

And what you end up creating.

Our latest collaborator, Elise, treats time with a reverence that we seldom see.

Elise is a mixed-media artist. Her gorgeous and haunting creations are meticulously made, partly by cutting intricate geometric designs into paper with a utility knife.

It’s extremely time-intensive.

Which is exactly why she loves it. And exactly why she feels she’s learned so much from it.

We talked with Elise about:

  • Cultivating a good relationship with time

  • Working motherhood

  • Prioritizing

  • Getting into a creative flow

Meet a Composer/‘Audio Guy’ - Brenden Bytheway

Think of how much sound is a part of your life. It’s almost like breathing. You forget about it until someone mentions it. Some people make their life’s work all about creating sound that brings emotions to the surface. One of these people is Brenden Bytheway.

In this article, Brenden discusses the answers to these questions and more:

  • How can you make sound a richer experience in your life and content?

  • How do you collaborate with someone like Brenden?

  • How can you use audio to enhance almost any experience?

  • What is the deal with listening to music on vinyl?

And if you want a little sonic texture to your read, We’ve even got an ambient soundtrack for you.

Learning Design and Content Strategist - Sarah Stein Lubrano

Whether leading a team, speaking to a client, or communicating to an audience, we can only get across what we want if we know how people take in information. To do this, you have to know how they learn. This is where Learning Designers come into play.

Sarah is passionate about how people learn—online and offline.

We had a blast talking with her about:

  • Her trick to finding brilliance in people

  • How to demystify creative work

  • Setting up rubrics to guide creative work

  • How bicycles could help you focus your approach to technology.

Global Mobility Specialist - Ben Sookia

Ben helps people navigate the legal logistics of moving across the globe. He approaches it from a holistic point of view. What are the legal implications and the impacts on the individuals making the move to join these organizations, and how can empathy help him do that job well.

We talked about:

  • Global opportunities and mobility

  • Learned a bit about doughnut economics

  • Why empathy is key to navigating uncertainty

  • His tips for connecting with new people

  • Why being yourself maters

Data Architect - Jer Tippets

This is a highly specialized field. Jer works with some of the biggest projects and names in the industry. We are not that, but maybe you are or could use some insight into how a data scientist works and thinks.

We talked about:

  • How we should approach data (hint: the secret is in the word actionable)

  • Why Jer values collaborators aren't just different than him but complementary

  • What a successful project looks like from the first meeting.

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