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Collaborate with us on collaboration: Why Keiidos?

The world isn't getting simpler. But here is the thing, you can't do everything. It's exhausting. There is a reason everyone is burning out.

So how are the people who make the headlines doing it? What's their secret?

The secret is a slew of collaborations and collaborators.

We want to figure this out. What do successful collaborations look like? How can we be better collaborators?

This has led us to this project we lovingly refer to as, Keiidos.

Keiidos is an exploration in collaboration. We want to know how you like to collaborate and what collaborations you are looking for today.

So reach out to us on our social channels or if you want to be interviewed and be part of our publications, email us at We look forward to seeing you around.

What's Keiidos?

Keiidos is a publication seeking to radically fine-tune the way people collaborate, in the interest of opening up networks of decision-makers. We're looking to highlight a diverse array of subject matter experts, and connect people with similar philosophies, compatible work styles and shared passions and goals that might otherwise never think to chat.

All to pave the way for more collaboration between larger corporations and changemakers like yourself.

If I did an interview with you, what would we talk about?

We want to know your insights on the topics closest to your heart.

We also want to know — and more importantly, to tell people — what the best way to work with you is. For example:

  • How do you like to work?

  • What kind of projects are interesting to you?

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses as a collaborator?

  • What has been your favorite past collaboration?

All of this will be in the interest of bringing you closer to your dream collaboration.

We'll then write up the article. The second interview will be reviewing the article with you to make sure we captured everything perfectly.

What do I get out of this?

There are a few things but the ones that stick out to us right now are the chance to publish content and start you next collaboration off on the right foot. We, meanwhile, get to meet you and expand our network of content and experience creators.

We believe that the better creative—the more compelling the content and the experiences for audiences.

It's a win-win situation.

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