"Storytelling invites transformation and creates and builds empathy. Invite listening both as a creative act, and as its own pleasure."

-Nan Seymour-

Meet the storyteller helping others create communities, training, and better lives

Story is everywhere — from branding to making friends, from selling your concept to the way you lull your kids to sleep. Story is vital — to both humans, and human endeavor.

And a good true story can make or break a company.

Nan is a professional storyteller (although she prefers to say she does "narrative encouragement") who specializes in helping anyone find the best story to tell — whether that be your brand story or your life story.

She also uses her exceptional approach in training and community-building.

Meet Nan

In her own succinct words: "I offer narrative encouragement." Taking your message into a format that resonates with your audience in a way they will remember and can build a community from.

Over the last five years, Nan has facilitated writing and storytelling workshops for hundreds of people, including cancer survivors, high school students, unsheltered writers and survivors of domestic violence. She offers an ongoing schedule of writing practices at her River Writing studio in Salt Lake City.

"Authentic expression matters in every realm, from our sacred rituals to our daily business—from weddings to websites."

“I work with people in the realm of authentic communication on and off the page. And I build community around that.”

-Nan Seymour-

Quick storytelling tip

"Add two or three sensory details in a story to create a scene.

I can tell you that this smooth wood floor is just a little bit cool under my bare feet. And now you're in the room with me and you can't even see the floor, right?

So if I give you two or three visceral or sensory details (which are different than narrative details), you get to be in that place. And that gives a listener someplace — a real place — to meet the speaker or the writer."

Creating community

Nan has developed a system of agreements that can foster the creation of your ideal company or community culture — or any other positive experience you'd like to create.

These agreements are particularly useful for companies or groups that may be struggling with culture.

She has used this methodology to run her storytelling and River Writing workshops, as well in her diversity training.

Her dream is to use this system of agreements to facilitate a conversation between the Utah state government and educators.

What is Nan working on right now?

Nan and her daughter Beatrice Washburn have co-authored a mother/daughter memoir titled An Unremarkable Girl. The book "tells the story of a Utah girl who survives to become herself through the perils of a misgendered adolescence".

Tell Me Your Name - Nan's perspective on what to do (and why it matters) when someone tells you who they are, in essay form.

Talk to Nan

If anything in this article has struck you, we encourage you to reach out to start a conversation with Nan. You can find her here.

Or, if you're interested in something more formal:

1-on-1 coaching - Use this application to share some information about yourself and what you are called to write. Nan’s hourly rate is $150 for narrative consulting. She recommends committing to three sessions.

Group coaching - Try River Writing.

Nan's dream collaborations

Here are some people and organizations Nan would love to collaborate with right now.

Utah government

Nan would love to do a River Writing workshop with the Utah government.

Corporate diversity training

Nan would like to take her River Writing and Community Agreements to any corporation looking for a more interactive way to run diversity training.


Nan loves working with people who need to take information and get it to stick with their audiences and students.

Talk to Nan about:

Branding / Marketing / Diversity Training / Writing / Copywriting / Memoir / Autobiographical / Connection / Community Building / Trans Rights /

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